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At Interactive Gaming Group, we inspire the world to play, and we bring great interactive entertainment to people around the globe. We are the number one multi-platform streaming provider for the next generation iGaming marketing, reimaging and reinventing digital interactive experiences.

Global Audience

A constantly increasing time of our lives is being spent in digital, immersive, interactive experiences. Consumers are not settling for linear entertainment anymore, they want to be creators of their own gaming experience. Entire generations are now forming virtual communities where anyone can share gaming moments.

IGG Story

IGG was created by people with passion and decades of combined technology innovation and iGaming experience with the aim to reimagine and reinvent iGaming affiliation through the power of streaming. We are creative, innovative and passionate. We have experienced the fastest growth and rapidly became the leader in multi-platform streaming affiliation.

IGG Values

We constantly translate the latest business trends into the best products and cutting edge technology. We value innovation, creativity, passion, diversity and team work.


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We work with some of the most known brands in the gaming industry and we partner with the best technology providers.

For Creators
We believe passion should be recognized and that every upcoming creator can become a legend.

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