August 1, 2022

IGG launches ection, the new Gamified Streaming Hub


Watch, Level Up and Earn Rewards

Interactive Gaming Group (“IGG”), the leading digital entertainment and media technology company, is pleased to announce the release of the beta version of ection, its new Gamified Streaming Hub that enriches the streaming experience with gamification features, and rewards the audience for watching content. In ection, viewers will be able to level up, complete challenges and earn rewards by watching their favourite streamers and get to own exclusive video moments captured within the platform.


IGG is highly experienced in building some of the most successful gaming-focused streaming channels worldwide, and ection will offer its global portfolio of more than 5,000 creators and industry-leading gamification on a single platform that integrates multiple streaming providers within an upgraded UI/UX experience. The IGG team will support creators in creating engaging and unique events for maximum engagement & exposure for brands.


Place to Find and Watch All Your Favorite Streams

Audiences that use the ection platform will be rewarded for supporting their favourite creators, earning tokens as they watch their content, and redeeming them for unique in-platform items or gift cards for popular marketplaces. Brands can leverage these engaged audiences to advertise in-stream or, unique to the ection ecosystem, create custom-branded rewards that audiences can redeem with tokens. They will also access tools within the ection platform to effectively track sponsorships and paid campaigns with streamers and agencies, measuring audience engagement and ROI metrics.


Commenting on the launch of the new platform, Rosario Basilotta, Director of Product Development at Interactive Gaming Group, said: “After months of hard work, we’re proudly launching our first beta and can’t wait to hear all the feedback from both creators and their fans. Our mission is to help creators connect and engage with their audience while rewarding the most loyal fans. With ection, it is as simple as watch, level-up and earn rewards.”


The New Gamified Streaming Hub that Helps Creators and Brands

Carlo Amedeo, Commercial Director of Interactive Gaming Group, adds: “We are truly excited to launch ection, and believe that ecosystems like this are the future of the live streaming space. Our gamified streaming hub will be the first to reward audiences for supporting their favourite creators and offer creators the platform to create the most engaging content possible. It will also enable creators to monetise their content through partnerships with brands, while brands will have access to a suite of tools that will allow them to measure the impact and ROI that these partnerships have accurately.”