February 4, 2022

Interactive Gaming Group signs partnership with leading Danish eSports organisation, Team Singularity

Malta, 13 January 2022

Interactive Gaming Group (“IGG”) is pleased to announce that it has now entered a multi-year partnership with Team Singularity, which will see IGG act as key partner in raising the commercial profile of the Danish eSports organisation.

With over 1,000 creators worldwide, IGG is highly experienced in building some of the most successful gaming-focused Twitch channels in the world. This new partnership is built on a synergy with Team Singularity, anchored around their vision to become a global leader in eSports, with a strong and dedicated core community. They have a diverse roster of more than 100 players from more than 30 different countries, and IGG will be able to leverage some of their own existing relationships across these key global markets to raise awareness of the Team Singularity brand.

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO of Team Singularity, notes:

“I am excited for Team Singularity to team up with the good people from Interactive Gaming Group. Their extensive track record speaks for itself, and this partnership will help us grow our revenue stream and partnership engagements overall”.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Interactive Gaming group Cristina Niculae adds:

We are delighted to partner with Team Singularity, an organization which is paving the way to a growing worldwide eSports ecosystem across multiple platforms. We believe in the power of community building, and Team Singularity stands out in their ability to engage a community between content and competition. This partnership is one step forward towards our vision to inspire the world to play and bring great interactive entertainment to people around the globe.

About Interactive Gaming Group

Interactive Gaming Group is a leading digital entertainment and media technology company, connecting creators, viewers and brands on a global scale. Founded in 2017 and operating out of Malta and Spain, Interactive Gaming Group vision is ‘To inspire the world to play’ and to bring great streaming entertainment to people around the world.

For further information contact: info@interactivegaminggroup.com

About Team Singularity

Team Singularity is an eSports organisation aiming to become a global leader focused on creating a strong core community. Founded in Denmark, their players, coaches, analysts, and trainers represent a collection of world class talent from 28 different countries. They look to facilitate growth through a vast, and constantly increasing international network, as well as solid grounded collaborations with Danish eSport academies, brands and sponsors.


For further information contact: press@teamsingularity.com